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Category : Business Strategy

Nearly 4 months ago

What does descriptive analytics tell you?

Descriptive analytics can provide valuable insights into the performance of companies. It is an industry-specific tool that allows a company to compare their performance

Nearly 1 year ago

How to layout your reception area

The reception area of any business is the first place that visitors, suppliers and other guests will see and it is for this reason

Nearly 2 years ago

What makes a great speaker?

If you look, and listen, to any great public speaker, you’ll notice the same thing. Confidence and clarity of voice are two of the

Nearly 2 years ago

What are the 8 types of branding?

Branding has 8 different types to it. The brand that you choose to promote says everything about the company, you and the people that

Nearly 4 years ago

Working from Home – Why not Turn your Garage into an Office?

Many people have a garage, but don’t use it to their full potential. You may not have a car, or if you do you

Nearly 4 years ago

What will customers think if they see pests in or around your business?

When you’re operating a business, you want it to have the very best reputation. You want people to visit, enjoy their experience, tell others

Nearly 6 years ago

Does digital stress make us forget to sell?

Currently, a large part of the job offers are concentrated in two sectors: sales and technology. In the case of sales, a part of the

Nearly 6 years ago

Mobile offers a great opportunity for retailers and local businesses

E-commerce sales are growing rapidly, but the vast majority of consumer spending is still carried out in the physical stores of the stores, although

Nearly 6 years ago

How Smartphones are changing consumer buying behavior

Two thirds of the owners of Smartphones or Tablets have used their devices to make purchases and more than 80% have used them to

Nearly 6 years ago

The rooster marketing season, the CoCoCoCo strategy

A new system of business values ​​is emerging as a consequence of a new world order in terms of marketing, a phenomenon that is