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Category : Business Management

Nearly 11 months ago

Keeping the Office Clean

A clean and tidy workplace is something that is important – from preventing the spread of illnesses, to making sure that you are giving

Nearly 11 months ago

Reasons For Needing More Money In Retirement

Keeping the “happy” in retirement may depend in large part on whether you have enough money to cover your expenses. If your financial plans

Nearly 11 months ago

Ensuring that your Business Protects the Confidential Data

Ensuring that you take care of confidential data is important no matter what type of business you run. From CVs and invoices to business

Nearly 1 year ago

Important Ways to Keep Your Staff Safe

Keeping your employees safe should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. Not only does it help create a healthy work environment,

Nearly 2 years ago

Improve you business skills through tailored coaching

While most business coaches have a lot of experience, there is always room for improvement. There are many tips and tricks on how to

Nearly 2 years ago

What Data and Information Does an Accountant Need?

The right accounting software can help you find new ways to analyse your financial data. Business intelligence dashboards can show you how to improve

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Nearly 4 years ago

Advantages of Having a Facilities Manager

Are you still sceptical about the advantages of having a facilities manager? Are you still not convinced that it is a great thing for

Nearly 5 years ago

A dissatisfied customer comments to an average of 10 people his dissatisfaction

In a time like the current one marked by a crisis that does not stop us, the client, consumer, user or as we prefer

Nearly 5 years ago

91% of those responsible for selection use social networks in recruitment processes

In the United States they are used by 91% of those responsible for selection, preferably Facebook (76%), Twitter (53%) and Linkedin (48%) and 69%

Nearly 5 years ago

Companies and brands must undergo a ‘Chip change’

As much as we talk about social networks as a phenomenon associated with technological innovation, as much as brands continue to be surprised by