If your office has not been decorated for at least a decade, it could affect staff morale. These days, more and more offices are decorated in inventive and unique ways in order to improve employee morale and productivity levels.

Alternative sitting ideas

Some forward-thinking companies have introduced alternative seating options for their recreation areas to allow more flexibility on how people work. Hot desking, bean bags, sofas and even deckchairs are some options that are introduced.

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Bringing the outside in

It has long been recognized that access to the natural environment is beneficial to our health, well-being and productivity levels. As well as being fun, plants, trees and foliage are good for us. Consider vines crawling on the walls, an office vegetable patch, living walls or trees around the desks.

Upgrade the furniture

Morale could be affected because staff are not comfortable. During each renovation, the main focus should be on upgrading outdated furniture with good quality, ergonomic desks and chairs as a starting point for improving the office for all. For Operator Chairs, a large range of operator chairs available can be seen at a site like Best Buy Office Chairs.

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Bright colours

The choice of colour will have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the room. Pastel colours like purple, green, blue and aqua are viewed as calming. Shades of magnolia, pink and light grey are also said to be soothing.

Social spaces

Depending on the amount of space available, many modern companies are combining unique social spaces that are different from the conventional break room or kitchen. One example is a company who introduced skate ramps and trampolines!