Offices have evolved a lot from the rows of cubicles and production lines with a focus these days on creating an environment to bring out the best in workers. Happy staff equals greater productivity and hopefully less days lost to sickness.   If you want your staff to be content with the work space they spend their day in then why not use an Office Space Bracknell way found at sites like because it will be suited to your needs, well equipped and normally comes with an allocation of parking, heating and kept clean and secure.  Some company headquarters feature aquariums, indoor slides and even massage rooms. Empty rooms are provided, in some offices, for staff to fill with whatever they want. Most contain games and football tables. Pets accompanying staff and music rooms full of instruments can also be found in some more progressive thinking businesses. Whatever weird and wonderful rooms might be added to our workplaces, we still need office chairs.

The digital era means that we can now work anywhere at anytime, from home or a coffee shop and so companies are hoping to make their offices as attractive as possible. Nowadays the office represents more of a meeting place and an opportunity to touch base and collaborate than a necessary work station, for many employees.

The office of the future could be a very interesting place indeed. Controlled by the internet, offices will be smart places with smart lighting, heating and sensors to recognise how much of each is needed depending on how many people are in the building.

A greater focus on nature might be incorporated into the future office meaning more natural daylight and constant temperatures to avoid build up of mould and dust.

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Becoming even more eco-friendly will also feature in future office building. Buildings don’t have to have air conditioning but use a geothermal system using constant temperatures found underground. Wood-fibre bricks are made from by-products and so better for the environment. Warm winter can be pumped in during the winter and cold water in the summer. Reducing carbon footprints will be very important when building in the future and we will want to source locally and use renewable energies as currently commercial sites account for 40% of the earth’s electricity consumption.

Offices of the future may resemble the departure lounge at an airport. If you’re registered and you have membership then you access the building and sit and work wherever you want. As the way we work becomes more wireless we don’t really need fixed desks and many companies are adopting a ‘hot desk’ approach. An office may be an open plan floor, wi-fi connected where you can go in grab a coffee and sit on a bean bag somewhere with your laptop. Not only does this save employers money but caters to workers who are demanding, more than ever, greater flexibility in their working patterns.