A small apartment that’s only 20 square meters big can be freely called a 4 in 1.

An apartment like this can be, and should be, very multifunctional and attractive. When decorated properly, it has a unique design, very interesting and varied with a natural scheme of colors. The size of this home is 20 meters squared, which are fully used for comfort and functionality.

Functional apartment space

Actually, such a small apartment can be organized into four fully functional rooms – the living room, the bedroom, the working room and the dining room. A modern space is created by a well thought out layout and design. Concretely, it is organized in two main zones – the living room becomes the bedroom at night, and the corner in the living room can be used as a small home office.

The living room includes the bed and a few additional pieces of furniture that can help it become a comfortable bedroom. At night, the coffee table gets a new function of a night stand. During the day, the sheets are stores in a basket that hides under the small table. The decorations are brought down to a minimum to ensure spatial unity. A gentle, natural scheme of colors is the strand that makes the space harmonic.

The shelves for storing items are alongside the wall. Rattan furniture and natural materials bring a breath of freshness in the space. You can even use bamboo. The vases and bowls are decorative details that bring a special freshness in your space.

A Really Small Apartment

Decorating with mirrors

A really good way to make the space even bigger is to use mirrors. Mirrors don’t take up much space as they are very thin, so you won’t have any trouble placing them on your walls. They also act in the way that they visually enhance the size of the space, by extending the rooms. It seems like the rooms go through the mirrors. While people know this isn’t the case, still, it will make your room look a lot bigger. The shape of the mirrors doesn’t really matter, but size does. Bigger mirrors, bigger space enhancement, just don’t go too big. Excess is not a great thing usually, and this is the same case.

Improve lighting in the space

Another great way to increase the size of your space visually is to improve lighting in the space. Great lighting makes your space more beautiful too, no matter how big or small it is. Big windows are always welcome, especially in small spaces. They let a lot of natural light in, so if you can have them, do so. Of course, if you desire them. But, big windows don’t come without their problems. Maintenance can be tricky, since they will need regular cleaning. Privacy is also in question. If your space is small, and your window huge, people will see lots of stuff. And you don’t want that. So protect yourself, either by using curtains to block views, or blinds, which are probably a better option due to their flexibility in terms of usage.

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