Workshops can get messy if you don’t have the right storage solutions. To help you be as organised as possible and have a place for everything including tools, materials and Briggs and Stratton Parts for your lawnmower, here are some ways storage bins can be used.

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Start by analysing the space in your workshop and identifying places in the layout where you could include shelving or cabinets with storage bins.

A bin for everything

Part bins can come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes and are an ideal way to sort and store your supplies. They can be easily moved around and are useful if you want to relocate your workshop because they are sturdy and can be used to transport most of your materials.

If you have tools such as screwdrivers and spanners that you use outside the workshop, a parts bin can be a good way to transport them to where you will use them and bring them back to your workshop to be stored in a tidy fashion.

You want to maximise the space in your workshop and reduce the inconvenience of moving parts around to find what you need. The Spruce stresses the importance of getting rid of unnecessary or duplicate parts when organising your workshop.

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Use the colour of the bins to differentiate the type of items you are storing in them. For example, if you are using part bins in your general home workshop, orange could be used for parts for DIY, blue for car maintenance parts, and red for garden bits and pieces.

Shelving order

Put boxes of items you don’t use often on the highest parts of your shelving, unless they are very heavy. In that case, tuck them away underneath shelves and put objects you use regularly in front for quick access.

Portable storage tubs can be stacked up on shelves and clearly labelled so that you can find the screws, sheets or seeds that you’re looking for at a glance. They’re useful for garden workshops, sewing spaces, or a handyman’s tool-store and in professional workshops.

Look out for parts bins that have clear space for labels to be fitted, and create your own system for creating labels for each new bin.