The arrival of the month of August is undoubtedly a moment of reflection. A point and separate for those who for months have followed the evolution and changes occurred in a market that has clearly shown the direction of new trends after a deep crisis that perhaps many can never recover.

Marketing and advertising are experiencing a crucial moment in which an important transformation is taking place, and in which both professionals, companies, brands and advertisers are witnessing great changes that will mark the most immediate future.

The latest news related to the economy is nothing positive. Everything seems to indicate that what we thought had been overcome, it has only just begun and we do not even have the certainty that there is a possible solution for this.

Logically, its repercussions will have significant effects in the last part of the year, and this will undoubtedly affect the entire advertising market. The lack of funds and liquidity of many companies will again resent advertising investments despite the good forecasts that some agencies had predicted, not all !. Of course, they did not have another hard setback for the economy like the one that is occurring at the moment.

Another rebound of the crisis, which, as in all crises, becomes the scene of new opportunities. And this is where, without a doubt, social media will put all their meat in the spit to win the confidence of both companies and advertisers.

Against this background, many big brands are beginning to question whether it really is necessary to continue developing multi-million dollar campaigns through media such as television. Others, however, have done so for a long time and now, more than ever, alternative, creative proposals and strategies that use social media to generate new experiences and relationships with consumers begin to triumph.

After the month of August, September will arrive as the start of the last stretch to travel before 2012 and the end of summer. However, when we start this last stretch of the year, many things may have changed. Who during all this time were absent or disconnected will discover that Google+, another new social network has arrived. And of course the problems of the economy will not be what they were either, but worse.

And if the economic uncertainty leads to greater evils, during the next few months the advertising market will once again suffer as Zenith Vigía said in his latest forecast report, where it was estimated that advertising investment could fall by 1.2%. And thank God if that were the case since the repercussions of the economy could cause this fall to be even greater.

The same report showed the great growth of advertising investments of companies and advertisers in the media and social networks, and that they could experience a 45% growth compared to the total investment of last year 2010.

The waste of money in advertising campaigns begins to be a true and serious taboo among many large companies, and the possibility of reducing and adjusting advertising and marketing budgets for infinitely less expensive actions in social media becomes the most practical and viable solution for large advertisers, which in turn amounts to a new and greater impulse for the proliferation and consolidation of these media. Is not someone still clear?