In recent years, the trend of the labor market has evolved towards e-commerce, becoming one of the profiles most sought after by companies. The new consumer habits of the users and the new communication channels push the companies towards a different and innovative way of working and making themselves known. In this sense, Page Personnel, leader in specialized temporary work and direct selection of intermediate managers and qualified support staff, has placed 117 new professionals in the sector.

Manuel Fidalgo, Technology Manager of Page Personnel, points out that “the tendency is for these profiles to increase. These are new positions that require specific training that is difficult to find. That is why there are many companies that put themselves in our hands to recruit workers that fit their needs. ” In this sense, Page Personnel has detected a greater demand for these jobs in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​specifically, 46% of the new deposits have been made in the capital and 54% in Barcelona.

Page Personal’s specialists point out that the e-commerce sector changes at accelerated rates and points to a change in the tendency of profiles oriented towards specialization. Meanwhile, a year ago, the most wanted candidates were responsible for online marketing for which Page Personel has managed to cover 37 new jobs. Currently, the professional par excellence is the Community Manager who now has about 20 placements this year and whose demand, according to Page Personel, increases at a faster rate than the rest. These same specialists indicate that other profiles such as Content Manager, Seo / Sem, Social Media and Traffic Manager are the professions that will begin to be the most required in the near future.

According to Page Personel, the trend towards specialization is logical since the market advances hand in hand with technologies, a sector in constant evolution. As new digital tools emerge, companies need new professionals who know how to give them the best possible use. In this sense, other profiles such as Data Analyst and Link Building are already beginning to gain a foothold among the needs of companies.