As the landscape of social media grows and becomes more complex with the recent addition of new media and social networks such as Google+, more and more companies are aware of the importance of this type of media in their marketing and marketing strategies.

According to a survey conducted by Hiscox in the US, 53% of managers of small businesses say that their organizations use media for commercial purposes, with Facebook being the most important social platform with 28% favorable opinions, followed by LinkedIn with 18% and blogs with 8%, highlighting in this sense the importance of marketing and strategies based on the development of relevant information and content.

Social commitment seems to be the biggest challenge for companies and only 12% of respondents cite social media as the channel to achieve it. 24% said they take advantage of their social profiles when they have time and 14% said they did not know enough about Social Media to launch an effective marketing campaign.

However, this could change as Social Media Marketing interconnects with e-mail marketing. In addition, Matt Cutts has said that social content is key to positioning, with what efforts should be directed in that sector.

Finally, the report states that Facebook is the social network chosen by companies to launch their online marketing campaigns, but one of the Brafton reports must be taken into account, where it found that this network had the lowest satisfaction record of all sites, which can help Google+ if it is able to generate a better user experience.