94 percent of consumers say that promotions encourage them to decide to buy a product and more than half of respondents prefer cash prizes.

The promotions are one of the main complaints to awaken the initial interest of the consumer at the time of making a purchase at first. 

This is clear from a survey conducted by Grass Roots, a British multinational responsible for improving the business results of its customers, which shows that 94% of respondents have said they feel encouraged when making a decision to purchase a product with promotion in front of another.

The study shows us three golden keys to success in a promotion:

1. For a promotion to be a success, first, it must be efficient and easily accessible. Consumers believe that, in general, the participation requirements in promotions are complicated. They prefer simple processes so the internet (with 54%) and the points of sale (37%) are their favorite channels to exchange promotions. Sending by ordinary mail occupies the last position (9%), a fact that reinforces that cumbersome processes make 59 percent give up.

2. Attractive prizes should also be offered . Among the gifts that are offered, cash money stands out, a gift that 52 percent stands out as the most attractive. It is followed by physical prizes with 28 percent and trips, with 14 percent.

3. The communication of the awards must be effective. This is one of the most surprising findings of the study. The survey reveals that 27% of consumers “do not believe that the draws are real, believe that they are not made and that the prizes are never delivered”. A very repeated opinion is that they do not know anyone who has ever won in a raffle.

If we take into account that all the companies comply punctually with the process of requesting authorization in the ONLAE, and religiously pay 10% of the amount of the prizes, where is the ruling? Why this mistrust?

After the effort and investment that a promotion implies for a brand, it is very little what it costs, to amplify the result of the promotion, and to reach the public in general, the result of the same. New technologies and the internet today make this task easier.

“A promotion always reinforces the brand image in the minds of consumers, making them memorable and reliable,” says Eva García, responsible for the promotion area of ​​Grass Roots.