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Category : Tips and Ideas

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Four Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll

Making sure your employees get paid, and get paid correctly, is one of the main responsibilities of any employer. Payroll, however, can be time-consuming

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Injection moulding vs vacuum forming

Injection moulding vs vacuum forming Plastics are used throughout a variety of industries, providing strength and versatility across a range of applications from human

Nearly 1 month ago

Top tips for fire safety in your office.

Running an office or any other type of building comes with certain responsibilities both for the fabric of the building and the safety of

Nearly 2 months ago

Five key trends in interior space planning

We live in a time when technological advances and manufacturing are disrupting the traditional concepts of what an office should look like. The images

Nearly 2 months ago

Are Consumers Ready for a Cashless Society?

If you have stood in a queue to pay for your coffee, paid your plumber using your phone or have bought something online, you

Nearly 2 months ago

The hi-tech boiler that can generate free electricity

If you have a large family and you use a lot of electricity, you may be interested in a brand new boiler that is

Nearly 2 months ago

Encouraging Employees to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle is not easy and takes a lot of commitment. Most of us are so busy with work and

Nearly 2 months ago

Making the world of bookkeeping sound more interesting

In my line of work there is one aspect that is really not that very interesting at all. It is though an essential part

Nearly 3 months ago

Do you need an accountant?

When you first set up in business, you’re surrounded by people giving you advice. Much of it is well meant, but not all of

Nearly 3 months ago

Could Landlords Receive Three-Year Tenancy Incentives?

The government has revealed that it may use cash incentives or taxes in order to encourage landlords to offer longer three-year tenancy agreements. Image