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Nearly 2 years ago

Sincerity in Social media, an added value

If we had to define Social Media, we could say that it is a space in which conversations of all kinds take place with

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Nearly 2 years ago

The total number of websites in the world and other hot facts

It is hard to believe that it was as recently as 1991 that Tim Berners-Lee created the first website. Since public access was granted

Nearly 3 years ago

5 keys to improving the web experience on mobile devices

Currently increasingly more content is consumed from different devices or platforms a phenomenon known as Cross Device. Web traffic is divided between computers or laptops,

Nearly 3 years ago

Apps and mobile websites: What users prefer?

You create a mobile strategy it becomes a good investment for both small and large businesses Clearly, any company that wants to be competitive

Nearly 3 years ago

Everything you should know and keep in mind about the adaptive web design

Grasping the mobile visitor: combining adaptive design with performance optimization to provide an exceptional user experience In today’s hyper-connected world, the performance of mobile

Web Design Tips
Nearly 3 years ago

Web Design Tips for Launching a Business

For small businesses and start-ups the need to offer a compelling website to potential clients and customers is a pressing one. A good site

Nearly 4 years ago

Why Engage in SEO?

SEO – or search engine optimisation as it’s properly known – is a marketing tool that can not be ignored by any business that

Nearly 4 years ago

The dark side of social networking: Threats and consequences

Social networks have certainly managed to link people more effectively in the network, with the number of positive elements involved that: thanks to Facebook

Mobile Advertising
Nearly 4 years ago

Advertising and online ads, real vampires data on mobile internet connections

Consumers are quite critical that serve ads on the Internet. Advertising assails them in virtually any corner and the most visible (and therefore more

Nearly 4 years ago

How it can help Google Adwords as an entrepreneur

When you are setting up your own business, you are always going to focus on the core of it. The product or service you