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Nearly 4 months ago

Google Reader: A case of customer service in full development

Recently, the company Google announced on its official blog that next July first discontinue the Google Reader service. The reason Google presents is that “despite the

Nearly 6 months ago

The three things you should not do on Google

Millions of people daily seek information on diseases, personal and business data, tourism destinations … but is it reliable what they find? In this

Nearly 6 months ago

Google puts the points on the Iess to content marketing paid by brands

If we ask many marketing managers their opinion about so-called native ads, a large majority of them will say that they work quite well

Nearly 8 months ago

Google prefers websites Responsive Design

The mobile version of a website is a thing of the past decade. You know, those sites chiquitos, clumsy, stripped of features and that in

Nearly 2 years ago

Google Reduces Software Errors in Autonomous Cars

Google recently claimed that its self-driving cars are encountering fewer and fewer software errors and failures. The reduction in errors is bringing Google ever

Nearly 2 years ago

How to create a calendar with Google

If you do not want to forget events, meetings or birthdays, leverages Google Calendar, you remember every moment everything Agenda. Using Google’s Agenda The

web design magic
Nearly 2 years ago

Website designers weave magic to attract clients

Many years ago, people you were introduced to in the line of business would ask for your card. Now, they are most likely to

Nearly 2 years ago

4.1% increase in Google shares on Alphabet restucture

The restructuring scheme has helped googles value massively. Google will be the feeder company to a bigger company called Alphabet. The new structure will

Settle Hiring Lawsuit
Nearly 2 years ago

Apple, Google and Others To Pay $325 Million To Settle Hiring Lawsuit

Top four Silicon Valley industries formally consented to pay penalty of $324.5 million to settle claims brought by workers who accused them of limiting