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Category : Digital Marketing

Nearly 1 month ago

3 golden keys for a successful promotion

94 percent of consumers say that promotions encourage them to decide to buy a product and more than half of respondents prefer cash prizes.

Nearly 2 months ago

For Advertising women are invisible!

Alberto Pierpaoli, CEO of The Gender Group, a marketing consultancy specializing in applying gender cultural differences, said that women in advertising are stereotyped, thought

Nearly 2 months ago

Visual Marketing: Experiences Construction

At an important dinner for you, how much more would you pay for the same wine you get in a supermarket at $ 100? How

Nearly 5 months ago

European mobile users are more receptive to advertisements

Although Americans are the world’s largest consumers of Smartphones and tablets, their response to mobile ads is very poor. According to the study conducted by

Nearly 5 months ago

5 Tips to integrate your email campaigns with your social networks

Many people underestimate the power that still have email marketing campaigns and many people think that this type of communication will die some day,

Nearly 5 months ago

Content Manager, Content Curator and Blogger: Together but not scrambled

By now we should have more than clear that the best strategy we can use, better than any SEO, is the content strategy. The content

Nearly 6 months ago

Mobile marketing will be one of the biggest players in advertising campaigns

People increasingly spend more time using the mobile phone; to the point that buying and selling habits have been transformed from the relationship of marketing

Nearly 6 months ago

Email Marketing: A hit in your inbox

Far from losing its strength, Email Marketing is reborn from its ashes as Ave Fénix becoming one of the essential actions in the online

Nearly 7 months ago

Spam scares Social Media

The word spam is not yet admitted by the RAE, although it is true that almost anyone minimally “geek” could relate this term to

Nearly 8 months ago

Who really influences Social Media?

The saturation of information has reached such an extreme that we no longer believe anything that brands tell us, the information that is issued