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Category : Digital Marketing

Nearly 3 days ago

Mobile advertising wins by thrashing to the desktop

The RTB (Real-Time Bidding) market is in luck, thanks mainly to mobile advertising. According to The European Trend RTB Report, the CTR of advertising on

Nearly 2 weeks ago

The content of attraction, a key to success in marketing b2b

Content marketing is not a new activity for b2b companies. Many of these companies have been doing it for years in specialized journals in their

Nearly 3 weeks ago

The secrets of the ROR or Return of the relations in the social media

Perhaps for many of these acronyms are not familiar. For others, the most knowledgeable ROR or Return of the relationship is known as the value

Nearly 1 month ago

Good customer service on social media can be the best marketing tool

I often wonder why a company decides to be in social networks, if it has no intention to listen to its customers. One of the

Nearly 1 month ago

Social media marketing without strategy, free and by the face

Free, the word that we all enlightened the look when it is contemplated or pronounced. The one that leads us to the mistaken belief that

Nearly 2 months ago

Social networks reinforce the links between experiences with brands

The Elecrity survey, conducted in the UK to 1000 individuals, tries to find out how social networks influence their brand experiences. Let’s define those “brand

Nearly 2 months ago

Positioning a web in Google: Before long?

Can Google appear overnight? What do I have to do?. On many occasions we will have heard of something called SEO and Social Media on the

Nearly 3 months ago

Strategy and diffusion: The keys to video marketing

If it is clear that a picture is worth a thousand words, what is indisputable is that a video is worth ten thousand words, at least …

Nearly 3 months ago

What has meant the revolution of the new Digital Marketing

Maybe some just know that  Digital Marketing  is the one that runs through internet, some know that further comprises a series of techniques and strategies that target

Nearly 3 months ago

Real-time marketing content is a reality

Real-Time is the buzzword that has been rising around the marketing and journalism industries in recent times. It refers to the speed at which content