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Category : Digital Marketing

Nearly 4 weeks ago

SEO Basics: 10 Keys to Improving the Positioning of our Brand

The SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) or better known as “organic SEO” is the set of actions to improve the status of our sites in the ranking

Nearly 1 month ago

Is your “social audience” where you think it really is?

Social media is increasingly present in our lives. Their tools and platforms have changed many of the marketing rules and also the way companies interact

Nearly 1 month ago

Ready for the new era of Visual Marketing in Media and Social Networks?

Traditionally we talk of content as king; If we add that a large part of the content that is shared in the online medium is

Nearly 2 months ago

Overcoming the adolescence of mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is immersed in an adolescent stage of its development. But yes, it is mature enough to prove its undeniable effectiveness, although it is

Nearly 2 months ago

4 keys in content marketing strategy

Content marketing is the most effective strategy to generate value and presence on the web. Many marketers have seen with good eyes to invest their

Nearly 2 months ago

Content marketing continues to gain ground in online strategies

Content marketing is emerging this year as a priority within the communication strategies of companies. Several studies corroborate that, as the rise of social media

Nearly 2 months ago

Mobile advertising wins by thrashing to the desktop

The RTB (Real-Time Bidding) market is in luck, thanks mainly to mobile advertising. According to The European Trend RTB Report, the CTR of advertising on

Nearly 3 months ago

The content of attraction, a key to success in marketing b2b

Content marketing is not a new activity for b2b companies. Many of these companies have been doing it for years in specialized journals in their

Nearly 3 months ago

The secrets of the ROR or Return of the relations in the social media

Perhaps for many of these acronyms are not familiar. For others, the most knowledgeable ROR or Return of the relationship is known as the value

Nearly 3 months ago

Good customer service on social media can be the best marketing tool

I often wonder why a company decides to be in social networks, if it has no intention to listen to its customers. One of the