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Nearly 2 weeks ago

Marketing in social networks and multilevel business

Sure, but … let’s start at the beginning … what is a multi-level business? … Also known as Network Marketing, they focus on direct

Nearly 3 weeks ago

The environment, a key factor in the Business Plan

Creation, execution and evaluation, three determining aspects in the development of a business plan understood as the operating procedure to act in the provision

Nearly 4 weeks ago

The relationship between price and consumer anger: The Ryanair case

The relationship between anger or tolerance for poor service and the price paid for such service seems to be directly proportional, or at least

Nearly 1 month ago

Worldwide advertising investment in the world will grow 12.4% this year

According to the estimated data that emerge from the new report developed by IPG Media Brands, the investment on online advertising on the Internet

Nearly 2 months ago

Why do some clients deserve more attention than others?

Do you think all your clients deserve the same? This question may seem daring, or maybe inconvenient, but if you intend to make excellent sales

Nearly 2 months ago

After-sales services multiply by ten the profit margins of the products

Investment in services is key to combat the fall in profits in companies. This concludes Winning with Service Excellence, a new study published by the

Nearly 2 months ago

Diversity of opinions among experts and analysts about the future of the advertising sector

After the negative effects generated by the recession and economic crisis in the advertising sector, few people venture to predict what the nearest future

Nearly 3 months ago

63% of marketing managers expect to increase their investments in online marketing to the detriment of traditional advertising

The new digital formats revolutionize the advertising model of companies, which should bet on a more interactive marketing with a measurement of investment in

Nearly 3 months ago

Media agencies will be automated in the future

The evolution will soon reach the media agencies that, according to Cory Treffiletti, President and Partner of Catalyst SF, will be 90% automatic and

Nearly 3 months ago

Companies will invest more than 1.2 billion dollars in marketing and mobile advertising over the next five years

According to a report presented by inMobi and comScore, consumers are increasingly receptive to receiving mobile advertising. This data would coincide with the forecast of