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Nearly 2 weeks ago

Did you know the Behavioral Targeting?

The Behavioral Targeting uses advanced systems among which to mention the use of “cookies” and that allow to collect the activity of the users, what kind

Nearly 3 months ago

The good name is your brand on the internet

Credibility is a fundamental element when it comes to attracting customers to buy products. Demonstrating to your audience that you are an expert on

Nearly 3 months ago

Oh Yeahh, yeah, give me more Feedback!

The fundamental precept in Social Networks is conversation, dialogue and the fact of creating relationships, whether personal or professional, with different users in order

Nearly 3 months ago

Brands: 7 differential features of proximity through social networks

Let’s go back in time and think. 10 years ago we felt the proximity of the brand? Surely, we felt the proximity of the product according

Nearly 4 months ago

Unsatisfied customers, the perfect target for companies in Social Media

Much is said about the different strategies and the multiple actions developed in the media and social networks to connect, create new links and

Nearly 4 months ago

The use of QR codes continues to increase

Although in some countries they are more integrated than in others, the truth is that the use of QR codes has increased significantly over

Nearly 4 months ago

It is not enough that the media talk about your brand, you have to generate your own content

“The banner has not died, but each time it is complemented more with content generation strategies to develop and / or protect the online

Nearly 4 months ago

How social media influences the shopping list

The traditional shopping list, made with paper and pencil and held in the door of the refrigerator with a tomato-shaped magnet has given the

Nearly 8 months ago

What platform or social network do I share my content?

If there is something that Social Networks have allowed users to share content, some of more quality than others, but what is clear is

Nearly 9 months ago

Need Help Learning Forex? Check Out These Tips!

You can potentially profit well with forex trading, but it is essential that you do your homework before beginning. The following information can help