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Nearly 8 months ago

Music and Branding

Life without music will indeed be boring. We take it for granted, hear it every day and most think about it in terms of

Nearly 1 year ago

What are the main trends and keys of e-commerce?

Catherine Barba, general director of the Digital Commerce Factory of vente-privee, has elaborated a complete analysis that gathers the main trends of e-commerce in

Nearly 1 year ago

Internet is strong against the forecasts of widespread decline in advertising investment

The forecasts are not positive at all. This is clear from the data of the last wave of the study Zenith Vigía that shows that

Nearly 1 year ago

Consumers want more and better information in online stores

Consumers are clear about what they want to improve from online shopping sites. First, they would like the products to contain more visual information and

Nearly 1 year ago

Spelling errors can cause 20% losses in online sales

According to FACT- Finder, leader in the search and online browsing of the European market, around 40% of the searches carried out in an

Nearly 1 year ago

The great challenge of m-Commerce: avoid a bad experience for mobile users

People who make purchases through Smartphones, expect to find mobile websites, that offer fast interactions, with rich content and that load quickly. According to a

Nearly 1 year ago

Increasing consumer confidence through customer service in Social Networks

With the arrival of social media and networks, companies have seen how customer service has experienced important changes while opening a whole world of

Nearly 1 year ago

30 reflections to establish the relationship of our company with customers

There are many people and companies that transmit the same question to me, how to manage this crisis scenario so that the company is

Nearly 1 year ago

Consumers, frustrated with the options available when it comes to paying with the mobile

The interest in buying through the mobile phone is increasing both in consumers and retailers. A new report by Barclays Corporativa points out that consumer

Nearly 1 year ago

Companies spend 90% of their budgets on addressing the customer instead of listening to them

Have you ever felt like when you enter a long, dark corridor, you call someone and you only hear the echo of your own