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Nearly 1 week ago

More than half of Internet users consider that ‘internet’ is the best store to do their shopping

The use made by Internet users to make purchases defines the consumer profile that is. The most common profiles are the voyeur and the scavenger

Nearly 2 weeks ago

A reputation crisis generates ‘bad milk’

Yes, oddly enough, I decided to title this post in this way as a tribute to the dust that has awakened this week a

Nearly 2 weeks ago

The relationship between the crisis and the lack of business ethics: We are not on the right track

I think that until today I had not written any article on the reputation of the managerial class, but the news published in La

Nearly 4 weeks ago

52% of advertisers would invest more in blogs if they could measure the return on investment

80% of advertisers do not take into account current audience gauges in blogs because they do not trust their reliability 37% of readers recognize

Nearly 1 month ago

Coca-Cola, the most valued brand in the world and the one most linked to happiness

On May 8, 1886, the pharmacist John S. Pemberton put on sale for the first time a syrup that would later be baptized by

Nearly 2 months ago

Investors and Social Networks: The fear of a new boom

Banks invest large funds in technology, customers with money and institutions want to have shares of new companies, the expectations of the digital market

Nearly 2 months ago

Local online advertising, vital for small and medium businesses

According to research developed by the consultancy BIA / Kelsey, online advertising made by local companies, will represent at least a quarter of the

Nearly 3 months ago

Marketing in social networks and multilevel business

Sure, but … let’s start at the beginning … what is a multi-level business? … Also known as Network Marketing, they focus on direct

Nearly 3 months ago

The environment, a key factor in the Business Plan

Creation, execution and evaluation, three determining aspects in the development of a business plan understood as the operating procedure to act in the provision

Nearly 3 months ago

The relationship between price and consumer anger: The Ryanair case

The relationship between anger or tolerance for poor service and the price paid for such service seems to be directly proportional, or at least