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Nearly 2 months ago

Recommendations for the maintenance of your luxury car

Have you just bought a Ferrari car and do not know what the exact care you need to bring it to look like new

Nearly 3 months ago

Customers want brands to talk to them only when they address them

Monitoring is one of the 3 priorities of the brands in the Social Media for this 2013 according to indicates Altimeter. It is indisputable the

Nearly 4 months ago

Mobile and travel become an inseparable interest couple

More than half of consumers have used their mobile device to book a trip in the last three months. This is just one of the

Nearly 5 months ago

Coupons and offers remain essential resources among mobile consumers

Coupons and offers are still two elements that have a great importance when it comes to encouraging mobile commerce. Analyzing a recent comScore (UPS

Nearly 10 months ago

Small business, big experience

Why give us better customer experiences small businesses that big? Companies that have achieved a large market and especially the leaders, are really masters

Nearly 10 months ago

The customer who does not buy also worth a lot

Only two out of every hundred visitors meet the goals set by a website.However, the visits also have not successfully complete value, and it

Nearly 11 months ago

How customers react when they receive irrelevant information companies?

Consumers increasingly value customization by the actions of brands, essential to keep them beside requirement. According to the report Gigya, 2 out of 3

Nearly 11 months ago

The intersection of branding the customer experience

While the idea of structuring an organization around the brand is completely accepted and is usually part of the strategic objectives of the vast

Nearly 12 months ago

Consumers demand more information and related resources on products online

Consumers expect a lot of bets eCommerce brands. They want companies to be fast and efficient and we were made to wait long to

Nearly 12 months ago

Native e-commerce, a new paradigm for sale online

The great challenge of eCommerce is to increase online sales. To do this, not enough to increase brand awareness, or engage in a battle