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Category : Business Strategy

Nearly 3 days ago

How to generate articles and content to attract more readers and potential customers

Writing is the daily craft of every marketer in the new digital era.Content Marketing or Content Marketing is nowadays a fundamental strategic resource. If

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Leveraging the creative potential of QR Codes

Much has been said about the proliferation of QR Codes, that set of squares that when scanned with our smartphone we can expand information

Nearly 2 weeks ago

How to achieve the success of your affiliation campaign?

Many of the advertisers I work with and, surely, a large part of those who read this article think that the success of an

Nearly 2 months ago

Social networks can act as a very effective channel of customer service

Surely you’ve heard of Social CRM (Social Customer Relationship Management) is a step in the relationship with the customer, incorporating the social networking environment,

Nearly 5 months ago

Content Marketing for 2018: Are you ready?

Throughout this year, content marketing has been consolidated as a booming strategy that continues to increase with a greater number of brands and companies

Nearly 6 months ago

SEO is part of your business

SEO, as an integral part of an online marketing strategy, occupies one of the top positions. Whether you are a SME, or a great company,

Nearly 8 months ago

CTR for mobile ads and social media games skyrockets

Ads in games on social networks and mobility get better results than other types of digital ads Social networking and mobile game ads reach

Nearly 8 months ago

Mobility strategies are still not properly defined in companies

Only 1 in 4 companies with standard mobile activity have a well-defined strategy, according to the study conducted by the consulting firm Econsultancy in

Nearly 9 months ago

How to save yourself 43 days in quelling an online reputation crisis?

A reputation crisis is for a company like a fire; We can burn the whole house (brand), we can save the furniture (reputation) or we

Nearly 10 months ago

How the promotional video pulverizes obstacles in the sale of experiential products

If something differentiates the economy of the 21st century from that of the century we left behind is the proliferation of experiential products, products