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Category : Business Management

Nearly 1 day ago

Five steps to make effective telemarketing in the company

Telemarketing, that word so hated by companies. Generally when we think about Telemarketing, those heavy calls come to mind that we receive during the week,

Nearly 1 day ago

Corporate Social Marketing

We speak of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) when we refer to the proactive and voluntary contribution of a company

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Agencies that do not use mobile marketing will be obsolete

The commitment to mobile marketing has become a topic of interest for agencies and advertisers, who increasingly see the need to bet on this

Nearly 3 weeks ago

What should a Community Manager know about the brand he represents?

The figure of the Community Manager has undoubtedly been highlighted as that of the maximum exponent and representative of brands in social networks. Their management

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Coverage, impact and reaction: The three keys to measuring the success of an advertising campaign

Every advertising professional knows that when designing a campaign it is necessary to be clear about where we want to go. Now, how do we

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Nearly 1 month ago

Gradual Adoption or Total Social Media

It is a fact that more and more companies are joining the Social Media cart with the intention of benefiting from the possibilities offered

Nearly 2 months ago

The legend of the one they called Community Manager

The Community Manager is a figure that has recently emerged from nothing, but with such force that he is constantly talked about. No one knows

Nearly 2 months ago

The 4 P of the Community Manager

Much has been written and talked about what companies in the profile of the Community Manager need to have an organized presence in social

Nearly 2 months ago

Errors in Social media: Rectify is from Sages but learn from it, the most important

We have previously commented on other posts what is the essence of Social Media. The ultimate goal, the main purpose, is the interaction, dialogue and

Nearly 2 months ago

Is the Community Manager also a commercial in the era of social media and web 2.0?

Frequently, when we see published a job offer in which they request Community Managers for a company they usually request different requirements among which