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Category : Business Management

Nearly 3 days ago

Errors in Social media: Rectify is from Sages but learn from it, the most important

We have previously commented on other posts what is the essence of Social Media. The ultimate goal, the main purpose, is the interaction, dialogue and

Nearly 1 week ago

Is the Community Manager also a commercial in the era of social media and web 2.0?

Frequently, when we see published a job offer in which they request Community Managers for a company they usually request different requirements among which

Nearly 1 week ago

Would Social Search be a myth?

“I am me and my circumstances,” said the famous philosopher to justify himself in front of Mrs. Ortega y Gasset when she returned too

Nearly 3 weeks ago

The 5 Rs of crisis management in Social Media

Working in social networks may involve having hundreds or thousands of fans / followers among Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, so it is

Nearly 3 weeks ago

More content does not, users ask for more quality and relevant information!

Social networks are already part of our lives and have also become channels and tools for companies. The Social Media has positioned itself practically as

Nearly 1 month ago

Training or Essay and error? What is the right path for the future Community Manager

Increasingly are the people who want to get into the car of the and want to engage in social networks, perhaps, because they do

Nearly 1 month ago

The conversation with the client, a challenge for the Community Manager

One of the main tasks of a Community Manager is to manage the presence of the brand in Social Media, talk with the audience

Nearly 2 months ago

The recommendations of fans of brands are decisive in the decisions of consumers

The influence of the experiences of other people with a brand greatly influence consumers, so much so that sometimes the purchase of a product

Nearly 3 months ago

Consumers want to interact with brands and social networks are the best channel to do so

In a very short time, social networks have become an essential part of the communication strategy of companies, often even improving relations between customers

Nearly 3 months ago

Social conversation as a source of engagement

89% of consumers read articles and comments on the products they are interested in before buying. It is almost an obligation for brands to integrate