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Category : Business Management

Nearly 5 days ago

Online shopping at Christmas grows 20%

zanox, the leading results-based advertising network in Europe, has presented the results of its latest study on “Trends in online shopping at Christmas in

Nearly 2 weeks ago

I want to work in commercial communication: marketing or advertising

If one day your son, nephew, brother, cousin or grandchild tells you that you want to study something related to commercial communication: marketing or advertising and

Nearly 1 month ago

It was digital: a challenge for marketing managers

The return on investment will be the main indicator of marketing results. However, half of managers have difficulties in providing data that reflects this return

Nearly 1 month ago

The 4 key pillars of professional success

Confidence in oneself, having a direction, knowing how to take risks and effort, are the “Four Pillars of Success”, according to Maryam Varela, professor

Nearly 2 months ago

Improve brand management, initiative of Marketing managers

In particularly difficult moments for brand management, with marketing and communication budgets that are significantly affected by the economic crisis, the Marketing Association has

Nearly 3 months ago

How to prevent social media from destroying our business

Social media has impacted CEOs, executives and employees of companies around the world, in the way they perceive their roles, how they organize themselves

Nearly 3 months ago

Reputation crisis: Every brand should have a protocol of action 2.0

At times, large companies and companies of global recognition are in the situation of facing an important reputation crisis. Crises that directly affect negatively the

Nearly 3 months ago

Study of influence of brands in the digital society

34% of brands have a poor or very poor score According to the data of the second edition of the study ‘Influence of brands

Nearly 3 months ago

Workers alert, only 26% feel happy

Workers who are not happy. Only one in four employees feels happy and fulfilled in their work according to the Healthy Companies survey that has

Nearly 4 months ago

The Wunderman agency continues to strengthen its teams and bet on the future

The Wunderman agency, following its growth plan, integrates three professionals into its teams. A Creative Director, a Digital Analyst and a Editor. Julián Pascual –