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Category : Business Management

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Why do not users respond on social networks as companies expect them to?

You started a while ago in this of the Social Media; Your actions had some impact and you got an acceptable number of followers; However, you

Nearly 4 weeks ago

The blunder of the Community manager

A Community Manager tweet from Bankia left us all in shock and made their Tuiter spark. Although it has already been erased, it said: ” Can

Nearly 1 month ago

87% of users value mobile advertising positively

 The Mobile Marketing Association, MMA, through the partner company Qustodian, has conducted a survey among its users to ask them what they think about

Nearly 1 month ago

The dangers and negative effects of false internet comments

Surely most of us when we are in front of our computer, tablet or smartphone browsing in search of something we want to buy,

Nearly 2 months ago

NGOs and social networks: keys to survive in jungle 2.0

If it were not for the individual donors, many organizations in the third sector would have disappeared and their projects would remain in limbo.

Nearly 3 months ago

SMEs focus their digital efforts on the use of websites and social networks

SMBs may not have the same resources as large corporations, but that does not mean that they do not give importance to digital marketing. And

Nearly 3 months ago

Are you adapted to mobility? Do not hang the closed sign

The responsive design or adaptive design is aimed to improve the user experience when accessing a web page because it adapts to the device being used. And it

Nearly 4 months ago

A company should take no more than an hour to respond to customer inquiries

Social networks are the ideal medium to connect with customers, but it seems that many companies still do not know, especially in the case

Nearly 7 months ago

How to lose jobs and end its reputation in 140 characters

If there was doubt among some experts about the existence of the concept of online reputation in practice, I think it was completely empirically

Nearly 8 months ago

When the customer experience is more important than productivity

When it comes to value the work of company personnel, traditionally it has taken into account the rate of productivity; the results contributed to the