When your business takes off and begins to grow, space may begin to feel quite small and cramped. Here are the signs that it is time for a larger space to meet your business needs.

Lack of desk space

If you have more staff than desk space, it may be time to let go of your office and move on. When employees have to hot desk, share or work very close to each other, you know for sure you need to move to a larger office. Get help with your office relocation with Office Removals London at a site like Pegler, a leading supplier of Office Removals London

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Need to Impress Clients

If you have a customer visiting your place, you want to be able to accommodate them properly. Having a space where they can sit and feel comfortable while waiting is very important, for example.

Employees Are Complaining

One of the most obvious signs that your staff feel crowded and not satisfied with their work is hearing them complain about their surroundings.

Overflowing storage

A sure sign that your office is not currently fit for purpose is when your cupboards are too small to cope with your documents and tools, and floorspace has become too cluttered. A cluttered office leads to a mess that, in turn, leads to a decrease in productivity.

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Decreased Productivity

Productivity is a key element of any business; without it, the bottom line will be affected. No matter which sector or industry you work in, if your employees do not have the motivation or they struggle to work in the current space, a move elsewhere could be a breath of fresh air for your company.