The forecasts are not positive at all. This is clear from the data of the last wave of the study Zenith Vigía that shows that advertising investment will fall again in 2012 for the fourth time in the last five years, up to 2.1 percent.

The advertising sector will once again suffer if the forecasts are met, although the Internet will continue to be the strongest medium with the greatest growth projection since its advertising investment will be increased by 7.6 percent.

Regarding the different media, according to the new forecasts, the fall in 2012 will be widespread in all traditional media. Specifically, the investment in generalist television will experience a decrease of 3%, while the decline in advertising on thematic television will be 1.6%; the theme in open, 1.3%; the theme of payment, 1.7%; and local television, 6%. In this way, despite being the medium that receives more advertising investment, television advertising would be reduced for the third consecutive year, somewhat more than the market average.

Meanwhile, the daily investment of payment would be reduced by 7.2%; in free newspapers, 6.4%; in journals, 5.1%; in supplements, 5.1%; in radios, 1.8%; outdoors, 1.5%; in cinema, 2.8%; and in means for immigrants, 7.5%.

Faced with these decreases, Zenith Vigía’s forecast estimates that Internet investment will grow by 7.6% (7.4% more in the case of videos and graphics, and 7.8% in search engines and links), while that in the case of mobile phones, the investment will increase by 9.7 percent.

Given this scenario in 2012, the forecast of the exit from the crisis in the sector is delayed by three months compared to that calculated in the last wave of the study published last November, until mid-May 2013.