As with most things in life, communication is the key to the smooth and successful move. Make good communication your priority with your removal company and this will limit the possibility of problems arising on moving day. Make sure you store numbers and email addresses of the removal company that you have chosen. You are not disturbing them by getting in touch to update them on your plans. For a Removal Company Essex, visit a site like Jeakins Removals, a leading Removal Company Essex company.

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If you live on a street with limited parking, or where parking is only available at a distance from your property or where there is no suitable parking for large trucks – this will be a concern for the removals company. Where the parking is by permit only, ensure you have enough permits for every vehicle. For parking problems, make sure that you make them aware of the situation and assist them in finding alternative ways for getting your home contents to and from the vehicle.

Make sure all everything is packed. This may seem obvious, but make sure all your items are packed safely and ready for the move. It goes without saying that unpacked goods can be a nuisance when the movers come to get all your kit.

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Use quality packing materials. While you may be able to save yourself a few quid by using budget materials, using high-quality packaging is likely to save you and your movers a lot of hassle in the long term.

Ensure furniture is dismantled. Dismantling bulky furniture ahead of the removal company’s arrival allows them to pick up and move your stuff easily. This also means that furniture will be less prone to damage when moving.