A new system of business values ​​is emerging as a consequence of a new world order in terms of marketing, a phenomenon that is redefining the processes of action of the different disciplines and that is based on the initials Co.

This prefix implies union and collaboration, which is worked together and which configures us in a new scenario of collaboration between consumers, users and brands.

We speak of Co-Creation where users or consumers participate in the process and guide of innovations and all thanks to the technology that allows consumers to participate in this circle of innovation and not only from the scientific level that the I + departments implement. D.

Co-Creation can also be transferred to business strategies where every time there should be more interaction between the different tangential elements that make up an organization, from the point of view of the services it is interesting as a Collaborative Configuration and aligned among all the content providers of marketing, from the advertising agency, the PR agency, the branding agency or the market research agency, working hand in hand in business development projects. In the end we talk about Coordination of strategies where a brand develops in a linear way.

With the exponential growth of “social media”, communities of users are configured where the monologue of the brands becomes dialogue and where the consumer takes the real power of impact on the brand, there is an equal relationship between the brand and the user. . These communities live from the freedom of opinion, of expression

Users who create and co-create content on the network, where each person is allowed to create their own content in an open and free space, with a new production and information model that exceeds any unimaginable limit, from Wikipedia to YouTube content is generated voluntarily and reaches millions of people. It is a new culture of knowledge that generates a library of infinite cultural content and a better prepared society than ever at an intellectual level.

The importance of the Cooperation phenomenon grows, either through the Corporate Social Responsibility itself that gains ground among companies and from the social networks themselves when a call for help that can be produced from Twitter has more impact than in any other means of communication. communication, the misfortunes of Japan and Lorca are a clear example.

The strategy of the cock works and a collaborative body is able to generate more strength, more wealth, more impact and is a good laboratory for the world to advance faster and better.

A collaborative strategy that we hope will advance to other fields and where not only digital content or music will be shared but will be able to generate organizations whose degree of cooperation and sharing reaches other scarce elements such as energy or food.