Currently, a large part of the job offers are concentrated in two sectors: sales and technology. In the case of sales, a part of the demand for work is produced thanks to the digital stress that some companies are suffering, a sudden and disoriented reaction to new technologies as a result of overflow and lack of knowledge about their use.

We are all aware that we are submerged in a digital tsunami without return. The high penetration of mobile Internet in smartphones and tablets will change in a short time and radically the way to consume. The online and offline world will intermingle and due to the fall in sales, many entrepreneurs, aware of the digital revolution, are searching the Internet for a new channel of visibility and marketing that will serve as a lever for change and adaptation. These SMEs, which are beginning to suffer the effects of digital stress, do their best to make the leap at all costs to get fully into this new world.

They want to develop e-commerce platforms, have profiles on social networks or create their own applications, but many forget that just like in the offline world, On the Internet, it is essential to define and develop a strategy that allows us to reach the target audience in a cost-effective manner, optimizing the available resources. This strategy must be the result of a period of training and previous training, otherwise, we will be easy prey of digital failure, such as addressing a public that is not mine, spending time in useless forums, achieving negative impacts on my reputation ( be careful with what we publish!) or simply losing precious time that would have come to my traditional company.

The ultimate purpose of our presence on the Internet must be to SELL. Our work should be aimed at establishing new channels or increasing sales in the “physical” company through online presence.

In principle the goal of all is that, the problem lies in turning the Internet into an entertainment for the moments of low workload forgetting the final goal and lowering productivity with playful activities such as watching videos, reviewing third places, reading the press, etc. Even if we recognize that in a company there are always things to do when there are no customers.

This leads me to wonder: Does the Internet make us forget to sell both online and offline? We need to sell, not in vain next to the technological professions the sales one is one of the most demanded. With a good established roadmap and proper management, online business can be very beneficial for our company.