Confidence in oneself, having a direction, knowing how to take risks and effort, are the “Four Pillars of Success”, according to Maryam Varela, professor at CESMA Business School in the Senior Management Program for Directors and Businesswomen

What is the definition of success? “Success is peace of mind, it is the self-satisfaction of knowing you are doing your best to become the best you are capable of being.” Explained Maryam Varela, Doctor of Intelligence and Diploma in Coaching, during the conference “The 4 pillars of success “, organized last Thursday by CESMA Business School.

For a person to feel successful in their business career, they need to work hard, overcome their fears and above all have self-confidence. Nowadays, the labor market is highly competitive and it is not enough to have a good education and fulfill your own professional responsibilities. You have to “go out on the street”, be “plugged” into reality and proactively seek new professional and personal challenges.

In the framework of a very emotional talk, Maryam Varela has illustrated to the attendees what are the values ​​and the keys in which each one has to work to achieve success, both personally and professionally.

The 4 pillars of success

  • Believe in yourself: you have to know and value what makes you unique and dare to be yourself. To achieve this, one must know how to identify one’s own qualities and personal needs. It is also necessary to break the “limiting beliefs” that do not allow the individual to follow his path and do what he wants.
  • Have a direction: to be successful, it is essential to be clear about where to go and set objectives.
  • Risk: you have to learn to overcome your own means. “We all have medium to failure”, but we have to take risks.
  • Strive: there is no one who achieves success without effort. To achieve this, we must work and fight for it.

Maryam Varela is a professor at CESMA Business School, where she teaches at the different Masters of the School and in the Senior Management Program for Managers and Businesswomen, a program aimed at women professionals with experience who wish to improve their leadership skills for access to positions of greater responsibility.

According to María Antonia Rivilla, Director of Planning and Business Development of CESMA, and Director of the Senior Management Program for Directors and Businesswomen, there are as many definitions of success as there are people or at least there should be, that is, many times we struggle to reach the success that others consider, a good car, a luxury vacation …, but we do not ask ourselves, and that is what really makes me happy? In our programs we try to teach students something more than knowledge, we try to help them to know each other, to know what their differential value is, and to fight for what they really want. On one occasion someone told me that he had lost his health for money, and now he was spending his money recovering part of his health; I think this is a real shame, and unfortunately more frequent than we want to think. It’s worth stopping a little and getting to know each other better. From my point of view, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-control, are the keys to self-success.