In a time like the current one marked by a crisis that does not stop us, the client, consumer, user or as we prefer to call it, should be more than ever well attended because, according to data from the American Management Association (AMA), a client dissatisfied comments to an average of 10 people his dissatisfaction. But – and here I launch the first of the questions that deserve a deep reflection -, do we really know what our clients’ opinion of our brand or company?

The AMA reveals another devastating fact: companies do not receive any complaints from 90% of the customers they have lost. Therefore, how do we manage our relationship with our customers? Are we able to establish a conversation with them that allows us to identify what they really need?

The client does not inform the companies of their purchase experiences (neither positive nor negative) because it has the feeling that these are going to be a source of additional annoyance and a waste of time. And the most common excuses for not complaining, congratulating, suggesting or asking the company are of the following type:

  • Anyway, nobody would have listened to me …
  • I did not know who to complain to or where to complain
  • I would have had to wait a long time before I got an answer
  • The Customer Service Department has a very limited schedule
  • I was not sure how to talk about the situation

Do you think that many of your clients can feel this way with your company? What do you do to encourage that conversation with the client? If 5 out of 6 clients cease to be clients because they consider the staff to be apathetic or unhelpful, the time has come to enthrone the client and be the center of all our actions.

Invite him to talk

A clear objective is to get more customers to tell us their shopping experiences because their opinions will undoubtedly be vital to offer a better service, loyalty and become the best ambassadors of our company. Some useful tips for the client to feel like a King:

  • The more communication channels you provide, the better . That the section ‘Contact us’ comes out of hiding and occupies a primordial place on your website allowing you to send your comments in an easy and fast way; let him write on your Facebook wall; create – if you do not already have it – a Twitter account and talk with your clients …
  • Let the conversation be bidirectional . There is nothing more frustrating for a client than not being listened to. Answer your opinions in the shortest possible time. In your relationship with the client, time is much more than gold!
  • Ask her. Ask your opinion about your products and services through surveys and social networks. Properly manage the feedback of your customers, drawing conclusions and making decisions.
  • It is well born : We must pay attention to the old saying: thank your client a thousand times. Without him, you are nothing.