In the United States they are used by 91% of those responsible for selection, preferably Facebook (76%), Twitter (53%) and Linkedin (48%) and 69% have rejected a candidate after reviewing their profile.

In companies still do not take enough advantage of the digital environment to manage their HR; to a large extent, due to limited knowledge and a high degree of rejection by top management.

PeopleMatters, a consultancy specialized in People Management, and túatú social media & pr, an agency specializing in on and offline communication through content, technology and creativity, have launched a new joint service to the market, “Talent Management and Social Networks”, through which will help those responsible for Human Resources to know, incorporate and make the most of the social media of the Internet (blogs and social networks, among others) in key aspects in the field of People Management, such as employer branding, relationship with candidates and interest groups, internal communication, innovation and management of alumni, among others.

The consultant PeopleMatters has maintained a round of interviews with its clients to design “Talent Management and Social Networks”, which aims to cover in a demand that is already notorious in the United States, where, according to the analyzed data:

  • 91% of those responsible for selection use social networks in the recruitment processes.
  • Facebook (76%), Twitter (53%) and Linkedin (48%) are the most consulted social networks.
  • 69% have rejected a candidate after consulting information and reviewing their profiles on social networks. Among the main reasons that lead companies to this rejection, include: Lying about their qualifications (13%), Post negative comments about old jobs (11%), Post photos and inappropriate comments (11%).
  • On the positive side, there are also details that help the candidates to improve the image they offer their potential contractors:
    o Transmit a positive feeling of their personality and adaptation to the organization (39%), Show a creative profile (36%) , Good references published by others.

The main challenges detected by PeopleMatters and túatú social media & pr in to get the most out of social networks in the areas of Human Resources are:

  • High level of ignorance and consequent rejection by senior management
  • Human Resources is not present in social networks, but increasingly, it makes the decision to be and does not know how or does not have equipment to do it
  • The company does not know what users of social networks say about it or only cares about what they say about the brand and not about the company as a place to work.
  • Some companies are already present in social networks like HR but face specific challenges.
  • There is a need and interest to incorporate more agile tools for internal communication and innovation.

“The impact of social networks on Talent Management processes is as important as when they stopped making payrolls by hand to make them with information systems. Public social networks put us in direct relation with the market, allowing, in turn, our employees to interact directly with it, “says Alfonso Jiménez, Managing Partner of PeopleMatters, adding:” This has an enormous impact on many processes: brand image as employer, recruitment, internal and external communication, retention … The company can not remain as a spectator of this new and powerful relationship channel and has to establish its strategy of positioning and active use. Hereinafter,

For Octavio Rojas, CEO of túatú social media & pr, “social networks offer companies an unprecedented opportunity to discover brilliant people who cover a specific position, as well as to project a solid image that serves as a magnet to attract people best professionals. ” He adds that “we must not forget that they can also be suitable tools for communication and internal talent management”.